Great Pro Days Solidify 1st Rounders

Patrick Willis ILB from Ole Miss ran a 4.37 at his Pro-Day. He may have gotten himself into the top 10.

Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh ran a 4.38 at his Pro-Day. He also helped his stock but i still think Leon Hall is the Number 1 corner.

ESPN Draft ISSUE Mock.

This Mock is by Mel Kiper Jr. 

1. Raiders: JaMarcus Russell QB  LSU
2. Lions: Joe Thomas OT Wisc.
3. Browns: Adrian Peterson RB Okla.
4. Buccaneers: Calvin Johnson WR G tech.
5. Cardinals: Gaines Adams DE Clemson
6. Redskins: Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
7. Vikings: Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State
8. Texans: Levi Brown OT Penn State
9. Dolphins: Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
10. Falcons: LaRon Landry S LSU
11. 49ers: Alan Branch DT Michigan
12. Bills: Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
13. Rams: Charles Johnson DE Georgia
14. Panthers: Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
15. Steelers: Jarvis Moss DE Florida
16. Packers: Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
17. Jaguars: Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
18. Bengals: Leon Hall CB Michigan
19. Titans: Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
20. Giants: Lawrence Timmons LB FSU
21. Broncos: Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
22. Cowboys: Reggie Nelson S Florida
23. Cheifs: Aaron Ross CB Texas
24. Patriots: Daymeion Hughes CB Cal
25. Jets: Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
26. Eagles: Tim Crowder DE Texas
27. Saints: Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburg
28. Patriots: Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio State
29. Ravens: Anthony Spencer DE Purdue
30. Chargers: Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss
31. Bears: Greg Olsen TE Miami
32. Colts: Justin Harrell DT Tennessee

What do you think about these picks??

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Athlon Sports Draft did a mock in their latest issue. I think they reached with a couple of picks in it and i will highlight the ones to show you my opinion.

Raiders    - JaMarcus Russell          QB      LSU
Lions        - Brady Quinn                     QB      ND
Browns    - Adrian Peterson               RB     OU
Bucs         - Calvin Johnson               WR     GT
Cards       - Joe Thomas                    OT      WU
Redskins -Jamaal Anderson           DE      UA
Vikings     -Gaines Adams                DE      UC
Texans     - Alan Branch                    DT      UM
Dolphins - Levi Brown                      OT      PSU
Falcons  - LaRon Landry                  S        LSU
49ers      - Adam Carriker                 DE     NEB
Bills         - Patrick Willis                   ILB    Miss
Rams     - Victor Abiamiri               DE      ND
Panthers- Lawrence Timmons     OLB  FSU
Steelers - Jarvis Moss                     DE    UF
Packers - Marshawn Lynch            RB    CAL
Jaguars - Dwayne Jarrett                WR   USC
Bengals - Leon Hall                         CB    UM
Titans    - Aaron Ross                      CB    TEX
Giants   - Darrelle Revis                  CB    PITT
Broncos- Amobi Okoye                    DT    LOU
Cowboys- Reggie Nelson               S      UF
Chiefs     - Ted Ginn Jr                    WR   OSU
Patriots  - David Harris                  LB     UM
Jets         - Tank Tyler                       DT    NCS
Eagles   - Jon Beason                    LB     MIA
Saints   - Tanard Jackson            CB     SYR
Patriots - Marcus McCauley          CB     Fres
Ravens - Joe Staley                      OT     CMU
Chargers- Dwayne Bowe             WR    LSU
Bears      - Paul Posluszny           LB     PSU
Colts       - Brandon Siler              LB     UF

Some good links to check out.

Here are some great websites i go to regularly to see the latest mocks and reports.
- This site is great for rumors and they have a nice forum section to look at other fans mocks.
- This site really has alot of good scouting reports on prospects. Good for researching a player your team is looking at that your not familar with.
-Great site has tons of Mock Draft links. You will love this site if you are a 'skins fan.
- I really like how they set up their player profiles on this page. They have a section that tells you what NFL player the prospect is most like. Aswell as some highlight films.

Also use Youtube to watch Highlights they have the majority of the big name players. This will give you a good opinion on the players ability when he is at the top of his game.